Ways To Prepare For Putting Your Baby Up For Adoption

24 March 2020
 Categories: Relationships & Family, Blog


You've spent countless hours thinking it over, and after much contemplation, you've come to the conclusion that putting your baby up for adoption is the best choice for both of you. Coming to this decision can bring peace in knowing that you have a path forward. However, there are still some preparations you should make throughout your pregnancy.

Think about what type of adoption you want.

Did you know that the way adoptions are carried out has changed a lot in recent years? Closed adoptions, in which the birth mother gives her baby to the adoptive parents and has no future contact, is no longer the norm. Most people now practice open adoption. They make some sort of arrangement to allow some level of contact between the birth mother and baby after it is adopted. This contact may be anything from exchanged photos to weekly visits. Think about what level of contact you would prefer, and then your adoption agency can help you find adoptive parents who desire that same level of contact.

Enroll in therapy.

Giving a baby up for adoption can be challenging, and enrolling in therapy can ensure you handle challenges in a way that is mentally and emotionally healthy. Your therapist can give techniques you can use if you start to feel worried or anxious about the adoption. They can also help you re-frame this experience in your mind in a way that allows you to better see the positive side, rather than the negative side. Look for a therapist who has specific experience working with birth mothers.

Decide what you would like to happen after you give birth.

Some birth mothers prefer to spend a day or two bonding with their baby after birth, while others prefer not to have this contact. It is best to decide beforehand which approach you will take so you will not be left to make this decision when you are emotionally charged and in pain during labor. Discuss your choice with a therapist; they can help explore the pros and cons of both options and settle on what's best for you.

Giving up your baby for adoption will likely be one of the most challenging things you do in your life, but it will also be one of the most selfless. With a good adoption agency and therapist on your side, things can go smoothly.

If you want to give your baby up for adoption, contact an adoption agency near you.